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Project: Live House (Casa Viva)
The Casa Viva project aims to work on the betterment of the human being. Active since 1999, teaching children (ages 4 to 6) how to read and write, as well as educating the children and their parents on the VIVE program - Vivendo Valores na Educação. Currently attending to 48 kids, Casa Viva focus on providing a safe harbor for both children and their families.

Admitted at around 4 years old the children and their parents are exposed to the program for three years on a semi-boarding basis. After that CASA VIVA will assist them in their studies, health care and social development until their adulthood.

CASA VIVA’s ultimate goal is to give to the society a responsible adult adjusted to his environment and happy with himself. The project aims to be self-supported through its publishing house, arts & crafts sales outlets, the rent of its dentistry facility and private sponsors.

The project is established at a house belonging to its managing council. It offers 700 m2 of built space in a lot of 1300 m2. In the future, the idea is to sell the property located in the city and move to a larger area in its outskirts.
Name of the Project
Live House (Casa Viva)
Institution in charge of the project
Organização Social Casa do Artesanato
Contact Person
Horácio de Lemos

Rodovoia do Sol, 78 -
Vila Velha / ES - 29102-020

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Horácio de Le mos
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Rua Lisboa, 328 - São Paulo/SP - Zip code: 05413-000 - BRAZIL
Phone/Fax: 55 11 3064.4630
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