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Project: Teko Arandu - Guarani Live Memory
Despite 500 years of contact with non-indigenous, Guarani people have their identity preserved.
Conditions in settlements make it difficult for Guarani to live up to their tradition and also prejudices that lower even more their self-esteem.
Teko Arandu Project – Memória Viva Guarani has as main aims: to empower and divulge Guarani traditions and values; to contribute for recovery and empowering of their traditional modes of culture handing down; to encourage use of Guarani language and respect to traditional values in indigenous schools.
In addiction we develop complementary actions: strengthening of traditional education by organizing meetings between elder leaders, and workshops for children and youth;
recording in CD, video-tape and books children chants, dances, traditional stories, and features of everyday life in settlements.

The results: Groups of children for chanting and dancing have organized themselves in settlements, and their presentation in both indigenous and non-indigenous events has been spreading Guarani culture and strengthening community self-esteem; the process of recording old chants and composing new ones, as of traditional story telling has been intensified.
Name of the Project
Teko Arandu - Guarani Live Memory
Institution in charge of the project
Instituto Teko Arandu - Memória Viva Guarani
Contact Person
Maurício Fonseca

Rua Sérvio Clevinski, 104 - Parque São Domingos
São Paulo / SP - 05124-020

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maurício Fonseca e Marcos dos Santos Tupã
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