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Project: IPP - International People Project
IPP is a CISV-Children’s International Summer Villages activity based on a specific theme, in which participants, age 19 and above, work on a certain project in cooperation with a partner organisation. Objectives are to contribute to the life of a local community, promote intercultural interaction and cooperation and empower participants to use inter-personal skills aswell to become committed to develop them further.
This year Brazil will host a project in partnership with Fundacao Odebrecht - Link with Teenagers, in Salvador-Brazil from 27.12.2002-19.01.2003 with participants from Brasil, Sweden, Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Egypt and Netherlands, on the theme “Quality of Life”. The IPP participants will be working in the local community inside one of the sub-projects carried out by the foundation. It is called PFAV - Programme for Formation of Adolescent Volunteers. His overall aim is to prevent young people from moving away from the area so that the region may develop in a sustainable way. Participants will work with the motivation and capability of teenagers with the help of their families and the local community. This project is the beginning of a process, enabling teenager to be self-sufficient.
Name of the Project
IPP - International People Project
Institution in charge of the project
CISV - Children
Contact Person
Katiuscia Vassalo

Av. Dr. João Batista S. Soares, 2251/ 62-3 -
São Paulo / São José dos Campos - 12235-200

++55 12 3931 4536
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Katiuscia Vassalo and Maria Rosa velardez
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