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Project: For an Education of sensibility
What is happening with our educational process that it has
not been able to answer to the longings of harmony and
balance of our so called "civilized" society?
The children who have not yet succumbed to the system that is
destroying "childhood" -- either inside families, schools or
in the different social places of the cities where they live -
-, once they are listened to, will show us that they know
exactly what they really need. And what they ask for is not
too much.
They just want to occupy their rightful place,their living
place; a place with enough space and time to play in order to
grow up, surrounded by clever and sensitive adults, who are
able to receive and to welcome the life that is expressed in
each one of them.
The project that we develop at Round House Studies Center is
to understand the "language" of the children , which is
play, a language that in its essence shows the very germ of
human language in its character of freedom and joy.
For us, to play is an act of knowledge that is born in the
body, joining what is inside and what is outside,
communicating the unique experience of the "Human Being".
As the german poet Schiller said: "Man is complete only when
he plays and only when he does it, he exists in the complete
sense of the word MAN."
We hope that the XXI century will witness the beggining of a
time when there will happen the recognition that there exists
a Childhood Culture.
Name of the Project
For an Education of sensibility
Institution in charge of the project
Centro de Estudos da Casa Redonda
Contact Person
Maria Amélia Pereira

Rua Terra Roxa, 275 -
Carapicuiba / SP - 06343-010

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Maria Amélia Pereira
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