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Project: Playing- Building - Playing( Brincando-Construindo-Brincando)
The House of 5 little stones is a toy place, understood as culture - the child's culture. We recognize in Toys, in its most varied ways of expression and movement, the basis space for a sentivity education, corporal inteligence development and interconnection will – the exercise of wholeness. We look through research and documentation for the study and irradiation of Child Culture, an educational action, diversified and broad, directed to children, parents, teachers and childhood related people.
We have as first goal to favour the exercise of Being a Child, being sure that to preserve the Human and stimulate manifestation of the New, we have to recognize Childhood as the sacred space and biggest inspiration.
The Infantile Culturaís the angular stone of a people. Its practice signifies the construction of its cultural identity and citizenship consciousness.
As a natural consequence of our goals, we have as a fundamental taske, to look for the place to play - which is by right destined to Nature.
Name of the Project
Playing- Building - Playing( Brincando-Construindo-Brincando)
Institution in charge of the project
Casa das 5 Pedrinhas
Contact Person
Lydia Hortélio

R. Nossa Sra. de Guadalupe, 209 - Acupe de Brotas
Salvador / BA - 40290-260

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Lydia Hortélio, Adelsin, Lucilene Ferreira
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