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Project: Building Collaborative Communities - Dialogue and Cooperation
Since October of 1999, representatives of the many communities sectores, have come together around one idea: Ribeirão Preto for Peace.
Ribeirão Preto for Peace is a collective and inclusive venture. It seeks to bring together diverse religious, cultural and economic interests and groups of the city, supporting an appreciation for the value of their differences and always basing its activity on the deep exercising of dialogue and cooperation.
The purpose of this effort is to imporve the quality of life of Ribeirão Preto, especially by reducing the incidence of violence.
Ribeirão Preto for Peace works with a basic project: Building Collaborative Communities that is a practical approach to giving opportunities for everyone to help themselves, exercising their creativity to solve common problems.
Building Collaborative Communities is a social, educational and cultural project. It intends to encourage people from different neighborhoods of Ribeirão Preto to develop conjoint actions contributing to a better quality of life and especially to reduce violence by the use of dialogue and cooperation.
Name of the Project
Building Collaborative Communities - Dialogue and Cooperation
Institution in charge of the project
Programa Ribeirão Preto pela Paz
Contact Person
João Roberto de Araújo

Rua Thomaz Nogueira Gaia, 1275 - Jd. Irajá -
Ribeirão Peto / SP - 14020-290

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
João Roberto de Araújo, Elisabete Araújo, Fabiana Lopes, Mario M. P. Araujo, Maria Celia Vallin, José de Castro Barros, Sandra Mara Lamas, Vilma Simão Moherdaui Barbosa, Gilena Luz Pessanha Henriques, Ercília Osti, Sheila Cristina Guimarães, Ana Maria Homem Marino, Mirtes Abdelnur, Antonio Sampaio, Joanna Maria N. Guimarães
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