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Project: The art of "brincantes" for educators
The course “ The art of “ brincantes” for educators” was born from the meeting of some researchers, creators and students of education and brazilian culture , some of them being Maria A. Pereira, Antonio Nóbrega, Lydia Hortélio and others.
The course offers to the educators a range of songs, dances, games and plays, as well as a reflection about the function of a brazilian art in the formation of the child.
The course intends to prepare educators and teachers so that they may multiply this knowledge and pass it on to the other
educators. Those educators formed in the “ art of play”
(brincantes) will be prepared to work with children from the kindergarten until high school’s age.
The proposal presenting this project aims to prepare educators to work with children and teenagers (abandoned children, child care, public school’s children, etc.

Name of the Project
The art of "brincantes" for educators
Institution in charge of the project
Instituto Brincante
Contact Person
Antonio Nóbrega

Rua Purpurina, 428 -
São Paulo / SP - 05435-030

11 3816 0575
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Rosane Almeida, Lydia Hortélio, Eugênia Nóbrega, Sandro dos Santos, Adelson Murta, Maria Amélia Pereira e Braulio Tavares.
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