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Project: Environmental Education in the Projeto Pomar
The Coordenation of Environmetal Education, opened on the 05/april/2001 the Nucleus of Environmental Education of the Projeto Pomar, whose main objective is to promote practical actions of environmental education.
The planning of these actions, it is gone back to the educational sections, I teach formal and informal,researchers, specialists in the educations areas, environment and the community in general, assisting the basic premise of the effective participation of the several social followings in the administration of the environmental subjects, promoting the exercise of the full citizenship, through the access the information and its transparency.
These practical actions of environmental education contemplate the individuals' of several aspects understanding that norteiam the environmental subjects in all its complexity, the interactions bio-geophysicist, partner, cultural, political and economic.
The project, become seen as a laboratory involvig all the several social segments of the metropolitan area and of the interior of the State
of São Paulo, with having proposed and recovery projects and environmental preservation and participation for the citizenship.
Name of the Project
Environmental Education in the Projeto Pomar
Institution in charge of the project
Clerkship of State of the Environment
Contact Person
Maria Denise Rafael Bonomo

Rua Juréia, 317 -
São Paulo / SP - 04140-110

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maria Denise Rafael Bonomo/Irene Rosa Sabiá
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