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Project: School and Violence: Building a model of prevention
This work is originated from a research program of Psychology/Presbyterian Mackenzie University,whose purpose is offer resources to develop tools and knowledge about violence.The aim is to offer for the public schools a program for community,children,teachers and family.The project is based on the premise that early response to learning,behavioral and emotional problems can lead to better outcomes and one of the turning points of the violence is a lack of skill to resolve conflicts.Premises of Conflict Resolution are the bases to interpersonal and groups conflicts that helps people with opposing positions work together to arrive at mutually compromise solutions.The program emphasizes learning from experience,shared in 3 parts:intervention with students and teachers,family and training for multipliers.The program has begun in 2001 as a pilot project,when we have built a primer book to develop skills to lead with conflict situations.This resource will be used with students and in training for teachers and multipliers as an integral part of the curriculum.Second Part is a program for parents and educators work together to build students behavioral skills and competencies.The KSD is the resource used to evaluation.
Name of the Project
School and Violence: Building a model of prevention
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Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
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Tania Aldrighi

Sao Paulo / SP - 05013000

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Tania Aldrighi
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