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Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Peace Volunteers
This project, which started in year 2000, aims at developing a spirit of social commitment in our students from our youngest kids up to our teenagers.
Being a volunteer means that we can share our talents, ability and, with generosity, cater for the needs of the so-called “Education for the Peace” .
Students from the kindergarten to the high school education are encouraged to take part of social actions such as cultural volunteers – 200 students participating in the extra courses of astronomy, ecology, drama, choir, paiting, ceramicas, dance and writing do workshops to local needy students and also from other cities in the countryside.
Below we list the main results of the activities we have developed in 2002.
-More than 300 people benefited frokm our students’ cultural workshops.
-“Solidary” Day: Our 1,800 studets collected atound 20 tons of food, and used cltohes and toys, which were donated to 31 local social charity institutions.
-120 blood-giving bags were donated with the help of some of our students’ parents.
-“Peace walk” – 200 people in white with messages for a better and more peaceful city, including parents and children aged 2 to 10, walked around the streets in our neighborhood.

Name of the Project
Peace Volunteers
Institution in charge of the project
Unidade Jardim - Pueri Domus
Contact Person
Silmara Rascalha Casadei

Rua Silveiras,70 -
Santo André / São Paulo - 09071-100

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Silmara Rascalha Casadei; Michelle Rascalha; Sueli Cometti Correia
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