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Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Weaving the Future
Sociocultural formation project aims at investing in the creative potencial and citizen action of people aged 13 to 20 by making them protagonists of initiatives that open to better life conditions.
- To increase the youngsters’ perception about their condition and their social role;
- To stimulate the discussion about their social reality, giving them elements for critical reading;
- To insert them in a creative process by making them authors of proposals and cultural products;
The class dynamics is based on the learning of specific contents by experiencing the techniques and the collective creation of cultural products. By the end of all activities there is a public presentation to show the project results.
The workshops range between 12 to 36 hours.
2001: Young Citizen, Graffiti, Break Dance, Theater, Dance, Plastic Arts – Portrait Gallery,
Theater and Photography, Reflection meeting, Cartoon, Photography, Young Citizen, Theater, Music, Chess
Total: 383 Participants
The workshops do not form professionals, but develop skills such as communication, team work, responsibility, autonomy and creation capacity.
Name of the Project
Weaving the Future
Institution in charge of the project
SESC - Serviço Social do Comércio
Contact Person
Antonio José Zacharias

Av.Fernando do Espirito Santo A. de Mattos 1000 -
São Paulo / São Paulo - 08265-045

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Denise S. Baena Segura
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