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Project: I am Connected(Tô Ligado)
"To Ligado" is a pilot project directed to teenagers from 11 to 14 years of age, aiming to lead to social transformations by the means of culture and giving priority to those social and economically excluded.
The title was conceived based on the adolescent own language with the objective of establishing a proximity and giving value to their identity. “Tô Ligado” (Plug in) means to be aware, to be in, to be connected to the world.
Several strategies were used such as offering experiences in several fields of artistic and corporal expression developed in a playful and informative way: music, theater, fine arts, visual arts, dance and games. Themes such as environment, sexuality and health were also included and discussed in their daily activities.
Twenty-five youngsters formed the group and participated of the activities 3 times a week under one basic condition: only those following the formal education could take part of the Project.
The work developed by the facilitators was monthly evaluated by SESC technicians. An auto evaluation of the group also occurred which was important to direct the activities and incentive the participants commitment to reach the proposed objectives.
Name of the Project
I am Connected(Tô Ligado)
Institution in charge of the project
SESC - Serviço Social do Comércio
Contact Person
Oscar Rodrigues Filho

Rua Piaui, 554 -
São Caetano do Sul / SP - 09541-150

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Ricardo de Oliveira
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