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Project: Guri Project (Projeto Guri)
This Project refers to children and teenagers between 8 to 18 years old, with an open access proposal to a musical learning, enlarging the educacional and cultural.On musical learning places, it is used the methodology of group-class of strings and winds instruments, creating school-orchestras, and to get more children envolved, are also created children choirs, guitar ensembles and another instrumental groups.
The music becomes a powerful instrument to the citizenship construction a transforming agent, helping the growing up of values as tenderness not disposable to the artistic expression, leraning to the increase of a good social behavior.Positive results in the social life of the young students are countless: the empowerment of self-esteem, the imagination by feeling the possibility of being side by side with the "artist-heroe-idol", the renewed interests, the good application at the studies, the vision of a better future, the social rise by the recognition of the community because of the artistic results acquired.
So, believing on the proposal of enlarging the project 17.000 children and teenagers attend music classes in 77 different institutions all over country side and in the capital of the state.
Name of the Project
Guri Project (Projeto Guri)
Institution in charge of the project
Secretaria de Estado da Cultura
Contact Person
Silvana Cardoso

Rua Mauá, 51 - 3º andar -
São Paulo / SP - 01028-900

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Silvana Cardoso
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