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Project: Community Social Agents Formation

Following the project A cara da Vila, supported by Vitae, in 2000 - 2001 a group of young people from Vila Albertina, attended workshops in different artistic languages and got a little closer to the social and historical characteristics of their own neighborhood.
From this experience came up FASC and FACC: programs which recognize the possibility to form young people for a social and cultural mobilization of their own neighborhood community and which organizes formative and straight actions that contribute for striking the social role they play into them.
With these programs FGL hopes that, within two years, these youngsters are able to:
¨ Recognize their conditions for acting in the community
¨ Broaden their knowledge about FGL role in this community
¨ Develop their possibilities to understand the role of social institutions that work on complementing the formal education
¨ Build working procedures that qualify their operations within the community
¨ Recognize the need for developing themselves as subjects in culture giving their best to learn more and better tools for improving the quality of citizen life.
Name of the Project
Community Social Agents Formation
Institution in charge of the project
Fundação Gol de Letra
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Sóstenes Vieira de Oliveira

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São Paulo / São Paulo - 02354-290

00 55 11 6262.2009
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Zélia Cavalcanti
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