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Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: No Frontiers - Communication for Peace
Since 2000 I've been working with Palas Athena Institute in São Paulo to develop the Culture of Peace. As a journalist and teacher, I coordenate the project Midia and Citizenship that works with communication with teens from very rich and very poor areas of São Paulo. We read newspapers and magazines, and we discuss about themes such as Sexuality, Cultural Diversity, Drugs, Enviroment, Ethic and Citizenship.
I began working in the Internacional School in 2000 collecting sgnitures for the Manifesto of the Culture for Peace. At that time, just a few teens would sign it. I related that sad situation in one meeting of the Comite of the Culture for Peace. Now my students and I have become great friends and partners for peace. Once a month we have speaches when people of our community tell the students about their experiences in different countries. In august someone spoke about Iran and the muslim religion. Next friday a teacher will tell us her about Israel and we may also have a rabino to speak about the jewish religion. That is our way to develop the culture of peace and this project was selected by the Victor Civita Foundation as one of the 50 great experiences in Brazil in 2002.
Name of the Project
No Frontiers - Communication for Peace
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Escola Internacional de Alphaville
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Elaine Lavezzo

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Barueri / SP - 06454-050

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Elaine Lavezzo
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