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Project: Dancing Stories(Dançando Histórias)
The Dancing Stories project was created in 1998 by the dancer and storyteller Cristiane Velasco, bringing together dance, traditional tales story telling and popular songs.
Cristiane has been developing this work for the infant and adult public through three shows: Indian, Flamenco and Brazilian Tales.
Dancing Stories considers the importance of oral tradition tales as symbolic structures that weave a path to searching and human development: the story as man´s internal space. The dances - odissi classical indian style, flamenco and brazilian dances – respectively to each show, translate the atmosphere, the tales pulsation and the characterization through the quality of the movements: the body as a story´s home. The songs and music accompany and interlace the tales. And the preparation of the space for the presentations is also one of the threads that compose the lace of Dancing Stories.
Cristiane Velasco works as an educator at Casa Redonda Centro de Estudos.

Name of the Project
Dancing Stories(Dançando Histórias)
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Cristiane Velasco

R: Borges de Barros, 175 apto 06 -
São Paulo / SP - 05441050

11 3672-5617
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Cristiane Velasco
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