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Project: The Storytelling Workshop - Oficina de Contos
When we hear stories...

We enter in touch with our inner wisdom and can weave a richer participation in family, social and cultural groups.
We rescue the storyteller who lives in us, the hability to narrate and to comunicate from eye to eye, from heart to heart.
We make connections and create the possibility of an alive exchange of questions and answers which dwell in the sacred space of our souls, with new dimensions for moral and ethic values.

When we tell stories...

We give meaning to our existence,working towards the development of those who listen.
We create a fertile soil to plant seeds of hope, of citizenship, of environment, of PEACE...

The Oficina de Contos was created by a group of educators, therapists and artists who were also parents who wished to grow with their children. We have developed both storytelling for growth and change and creation of stories with imagery which sprouts from our own biographies. We take them to people either through Storytelling presentations, or through courses or workshops.
Name of the Project
The Storytelling Workshop - Oficina de Contos
Institution in charge of the project
Oficina de Contos
Contact Person
Mônica Rosales

Rua Ariston Negrão 300 - Granja Viana -
Carapicuiba / SP - 06345-200

55-11-41867061/ 3735-1285/9185-2121
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Izildinha de Carvalho, Marcia Moirah, Marta Mursa, Mônica Rosales
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