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Project: Auto job of profissional qualification

The project auto job works with an innovative methodology which aims to reach beyond the specific training. Vanguard contends in administration, politics, education and human potential is the great difference of this project.

These transcendental contents that are focused during the training are called "personal expansion", and have received entusiastic approval by the students.

The four pillars of education quoted in the Jacques De Lors report learn how to be, to do and to know, are desmystified though the topics called "supraconscience for the century XXI". Another important concept worked at auto job, confirmed for theoretician thought like MORIN, is "prepar for incertainty" that happens with debate around subject like "a new world" and "emerging concepts", where thought of theoretician like CAPRA, TOFFLER, FERGUSON, KAKU, BOFF and WEILL are showed. The focus developed by this work is autopromotion, holistic and biocentric.

The project auto job started in 2001 and has promoted great change in the minds and behavior of the students, including the necessity to break the local frontiers and join the world in a sinnergetic way, cultivating planetary citizenship.
Name of the Project
Auto job of profissional qualification
Institution in charge of the project
Instituto tocantinense da Juventude
Contact Person
Alexandre Wahbe or Marcelo Moraes

ARNE 14 QIK LOTE 26 AL 23 -
PALMAS / TOCANTINS - 77 000 000

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conscience XXI
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