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Project: Sentidos Magazine
This project is oriented for those people who are interested in the issue of disability and it is also an interactive site that encourage all readers and visitors to participate directly on its development by suggesting subjects, topics in forum, using chat rooms, sending complains, sharing experiences, showing skills, advertising services and much more.
It features a lot of information and a variety of topics in easy, understandable and fun language for special people, their friends or acquaintances, family or relatives, professionals and curious people in general.
Project's Mission
"Sentidos" intends to be the most complete publication on information, services and entertainment oriented to the disability issue by offering well-founded content, based on ethic principles that show credibility and seriousness, in order to improve the well-being of people and society. It is designed for both disabled individuals with either multiple, physical, mental or sensorial (visual and auditive) disabilities, and to relatives, friends and professionals involved as well as to the general public. Our basic commitment is to focus on this subject in a simple and casual format publishing the magazine in a monthly basis and updating the web site every week.
Content development
The printed magazine and web site are divided in several channels, where users can find a lot of entertainment, interviews with interesting people, nutrition as well as internet users suggestions, accessible places, sports, health & beauty, esoterism, humor, "Your Channel" to publish users messages and products/services that improves the quality of special people lives.
Name of the Project
Sentidos Magazine
Institution in charge of the project
Editora Aurea
Contact Person
Celia Cristina Whitaker

Rua Aurea, 315 -
São Paulo / SP - 04015-070

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Celia Cristina Whitaker
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Rua Lisboa, 328 - São Paulo/SP - Zip code: 05413-000 - BRAZIL
Phone/Fax: 55 11 3064.4630
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