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Project: Project "For Life and Not for Violence
The Project " For Life and Not for Violence “ is a preventive educational project in defense of life which involves teachers, school employees, parents, and students of the Municipal Board of Education in Santo André. It aims to help the participants to develop the necessary skills to deal with conflictive and violent situations that are risen from their lack of knowledge about the reasons and solutions for violence problems. This project encompasses a wide range of studies; for example: a) Education and The Statute of Child and Adolescent Rights, b) Rules and principles of coexistence in the school settings; c) Conflict problem solving d) Addiction for licit and illicit drugs e) Student’s Sexuality; among others. This project also intends to assist and support the school units in solving specific problem situations. This Project has in fact been carried out since 1998 and it has already engendered several meetings involving the school community...

The results of this project depend upon behavioral changes and the procedures based on The Statute of Child and Adolescent Rights.
Name of the Project
Project "For Life and Not for Violence
Institution in charge of the project
Secretaria de Educação da Prefeitura de Santo André
Contact Person
Maria Auxiliadora Elias

Rua Alvares de Azevedo, 146 ap. 21 -
Santo André / SP - 09020-140

(11) 4433-0433
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Elisabete Tonobohn, Marcelo Tadeu Marton, Maria Aparecida de Resende e Maria Auxiliadora Elias
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