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Project: The Path of Progress: Culture of Peace Education
In the midst of various problems in the world, the youth problem should be ranked at the top of those requiring an immediate solution. Often, people solve the problem at its end without considering the source.
Ven.Dhammajayo Bhikkhu, the President of Dhammakaya Foundation first initiated the Youth Ethics Education Project, called “Path of Progress” to cultivate ethical development particularly in children and youths.
During 19 years of continuing cooperation, the programme is held nation-wide to student of all levels from kindergarten to university and general publics in Thailand.
Foundational concepts
1. Peace starts from within.
2. Inner Peace is achieved through Conscious Ethics.
3. Youth: the primary group to be taught Ethics.
4. Ethical study is required throughout life.
The “Path of Progress” is based on the curriculum, called “the 38 Blessing of Life”. The contents rise from simpler to more complex levels. Each principle gradually brings one’s ethical development to higher and higher levels. Those who practice such blessings of life gain real happiness and success both for oneself and others.

Participants develop higher moral and ethical characters than those non-participants.

Name of the Project
The Path of Progress: Culture of Peace Education
Institution in charge of the project
International Buddhist Society/ Dhammakaya Foundation
Contact Person
Dr. Chatchai Sribundit

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Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Vichuda Sthalanand
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