Building A Planetary Culture
Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: The Home of Peace : Culture of Peace Education
The best way to teach youth to grow up into decent citizens is to inspire them to do good deeds by themselves. This is the morality installment by putting the child at the center of his own life-responsibilities.
The project aims to train young people to have positive thinking, to realize the value of doing good deeds, to learn to look for others’ virtues, and to think of doing good deeds by themselves.
- Students have to record their own and others’ goodness in a “Virtue Diary”
- Their teacher and parents daily sign this book.
- Final Result:
- Youths have more creativity in doing good deeds, they are more open- minded, acknowledge others’ virtues, and are generous to others
regardless of race, nationality, and religion.
- Warm family and society have been facilitated and understood each other.
- Awareness of goodness has been enhanced.
These activities to instill virtuous awareness are the prime movers to re-stimulate ethical development in society.
Name of the Project
The Home of Peace : Culture of Peace Education
Institution in charge of the project
International Buddhist Society/ Dhammakaya Foundation
Contact Person
Dr. Chatchai Sribundit

23/2 Moo 7, Klong3, Klongluang -
Pathumthanee / - 12120

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Vichuda Sthalanand
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