Building A Planetary Culture
Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: The Body of Peace(El cuerpo de la paz - El Acorde Planetario - Alimentación creativa para la familia planetaria)
How the media through a comprehensive and solidary look Build a bridge between cultures and conflicts.
The story of Karim, Zahira and Sharif, my children, is a clear reflection of how much the Press can help being a bridge when tragedy appears in our lives and cultural differences become a conflict. This is the case of three children, who, today, should be enjoying their full liberties and love of both parents.
Karim, Zahira and Sharif were abducted by their father on 10 December 1997 from the city that saw them grow, Guatemala, to Jordan when we were undergoing a normal separation process. In almost 5 years of struggle I could hug them only 4 times, when thanks to the Press pressure and solidarity of public opinion, the governments of Argentina and Jordan made their best effort to solve my children’s lives in short and intense reunions where, in each hug, in each goodbye, we promised ourselves the commitment to continue loving each other in spite of the legal, political, religious, cultural and ethnic conflict and, in spite of distance.
During these years, the Press lived and wrote each visit and each trip to the international organizations. The Press helped so that the story was known from the children’s sorrow and not from the parents’ voice which would have turned the case in a paradigmatic one.
I invite you to know me, so that we meet in this story and we transform communication building bridges, enhancing the ceiling of our planet and HONORING CHILDHOOD.
Starting from a great sorrow we can walk towards a road of Peach, Justice and Love guided by Faith.
Name of the Project
The Body of Peace(El cuerpo de la paz - El Acorde Planetario - Alimentación creativa para la familia planetaria)
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Fundación Niños Unidos para el Mundo
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Graciela Montani

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Gabriela Arias Uriburu
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