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Project: Radio Mania
The project “Radio Mania” from E E CEFAM - a state school of Presidente Venceslau (São Paulo State) - was created for its student’s necessity and interest in developing the idea and the practice of citizenship in different social context. It was idealized within a multidisciplinary concept along with all students.
The students shared a considerable enthusiasm, which came from their different experiences, while participating and getting involved with the project. Through a partnership - combining the local community and the students - a radio show in a FM station became possible. This FM reaches a ratio of 230 km with its transmission signals (regional signals). All students participated in this project. After researching, elaborating, discussing and re-creating all topics, the students would come up with a show. Therefore, the school may and must contribute with its students. The contribution happens by offering the students learning techniques, self-expression, and will to participate in those projects, something that will allow the society to transform its information media into a mass communication media. This will help building a democratic conscience in order to practice the concept of citizenship.
Name of the Project
Radio Mania
Institution in charge of the project
E. E. CEFAM - Presidente Venceslau
Contact Person
Ângela Maria de Oliveira

Rua Siqueira Campos, 348 -
Presidente Venceslau / SP - 19400-000

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Ângela Maria de Oliveira
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