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Project: Integração e Intersetorialidade entre Conselhos Estaduais e Municipais de Cidadania
It deals with projects about State Counsels for Citizenship Defence: the Old, the Disabled People, the Black Community, the Female Condition and Child and Adolescent Rights, all institutions linked to the Sao Paulo Government General Office in Brazil. These projects have been carried out by Fundação Prefeito Faria Lima - Cepam.

In 2001, a PROJECT entitled “Integration and Interseccionality of Local and State Counsels Citizenship” was developed with the objective to contribute to the development, to strenghten, to integrate the sectors of the Counsels.

Main Products and Results:

- Informative meetings realization with all State Counsels members;
- State Counsels comunication improvement:

Local Counsels for Citizenship promotion, through regional workshops and foruns, in four regions ;

Local Counsels Chart;

Human Rights Local Program Attendance (Programa Estadual de Direitos Humanos - PEDH)

Research; to update the Counsels legislation database; publication of “Citizenship Legislation” .

Next, we are developing the Project “ Public Policy Implementation: black community, the old, the Disabled People and Child and Adolescent Rights in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Name of the Project
Integração e Intersetorialidade entre Conselhos Estaduais e Municipais de Cidadania
Institution in charge of the project
Fundação Prefeito Faria Lima-CEPAM
Contact Person
Ana Maria Marchi

Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 913.Cidade Universitária -
São Paulo / SP - 05508-900

( 0xx11)38110392;( 0xx11)38135969
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Ana Maria Marchi
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