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Project: BIODANZA: educar com afeto
Biodanza is an instrument of social transformation, since it rescues the essential values of life. Rolando Toro Araneda, a Chilean anthropologist created the system Biodanza in the sixties, employing an extremely simple language, which touches everyone in his heart and is understood by any human being all over the Planet. It´s the language of music, dance and experiential learning. In its simplicity abides its efficiency.
Biodanza can be considered a re-education in love, an instrument of reconstruction of the webs of life, at the innermost of every human being, increasing self-esteem, self-awareness, wholeness, as well as the capacity of loving concern with himself, with the community and the whole world. As a group activity Biodanza attains people of the most different economical and social levels.
The present project has been developed since 1999, in partnership with the Education Faculty of USP (University of São Paulo), having attained educators belonging to the State and Municipality of São Paulo, working at preschool and fundamental teaching levels.
It contributes to the building and implantation of the necessary new paradigms and the setting of new bases for a Culture of Peace.
Name of the Project
BIODANZA: educar com afeto
Institution in charge of the project
Escola Paulista de Biodanza
Contact Person
Maria Angelina Pereira e Maria Luiza Appy

Rua dos Escultores, 115 - Alto de Pinheiros -
São Paulo / SP - 05469-010

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maria Angelina Pereira
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