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Project: Family Health Program
The Family Health Program of Altinópolis (population: 15476 inhabitants, 943 km2 - being the urban area of 6 km2), has 5 staffs.: 3 in the urban area and 2 in the agricultural area, to take care of the whole family health, implanted in the community context in a health-illness process, making promotions activities, prevention and reabilitation. Praised for the Health Department, there are in the staff: doctors, nurses, assistant nurses and health communitarian agents. In Altinópolis, we also have psychologists and pediatricians, establishing the goals, developing, in a integrated action with the others sectors how to work with the whole family: to receive, to take care of, to listen to each person, aiming at the conscience of the group and its influences in all the members of the familar system.
Our attendance is for the individual one and for the group one. In this attendance the staff develops:
n Hypertension Group - biweekly
n Diabetic Group - montly
n Obese Group (alimentary reabilitation) - biweekly
n Chidren Group - from 0 to 5 months and from 5 to 12 months - montly
n Allergic Group - for children - montly
The group context is to educate about the process health-illness with a bigger emphasis in the healthy way, acting in a continued education in which the individual has the opportunity to take advantage of an environment in constant transformation.


There is also the Companinship Project that is a creation of a Municipal Law. It takes care of 350 people by means of economic-social evaluation with rent inferior R$ 100,00 and a couple with a rent inferior R$240,00. In this project, every month, these people receive maintenance to strengthen the domestic budget.
The main objective of this project is to take these people twice a week ( in its area of attendance) for workshops with differents professionals, with the purpose to change experiences about health, human values, etc. In this meeting the people can learn to make, to know and to coexist.


In this group, the pregnant can change experiences and to look to herself;
n she can perceive her changes in different processes, accomplishment and self massage;
n she can share with others the fact to be the protection for a future humam being;
n she can share illusions, taboos and fears front her sexuality;
n she can learn about how to take care of the baby;
n to talk about breast feedings and cares with the breast
n she can confront the fact of being free to choose when to generate a new human being (contraceptive methods);
n she can bring subjects for the work of the group
The duration of the group is two months, but with accompaniment to the pregnant until the childbirth, and later as nutritious.
As stimulation, they receive in the end of the course clothes for the baby
Name of the Project
Family Health Program
Institution in charge of the project
Altinópolis Municipal Prefecture
Contact Person
Maria de Lourdes de Castro Oliveira

Rua Major Garcia, 144 -
Altinópolis / SP - 14350-000

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Marco Ernani Hyssa Luiz
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