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Project: Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH)
The project Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH) is a global conversation about the impact of images in people's life. It gathers media, advertising, marketing, photography, design and art professionals, as well as young leaders and volunteers. The Appreciative Inquiry method is used to explore the most positive in each one and to plan actions together in order to create new opportunities for communication. Since 1999, when it started in New Yourk, dialogues in over 22 cities around the world already happened. England, Canada, Argentina and Chile are in eminence. In Brazil 4 dialogues were realized - 1 in Rio de Janeiro and 3 in São Paulo - about the topics: "Media as an agent to benefit the world", "Advertising creating a better world", "Balance between inner and outer media" and "Youth as an agent to benefit the world". 180 opinion makers, representing 67 institutions, participated in these events. As a practical result, some new iniciatives appeared and others were revived, such as: (1) exploratory study about media - planning phase, (2) images of peace bank - implementation phase, (3) lectures and reflections about "Ethical substance in advertising messages" - in process, (4) youth IVOH dissemination in universities - in planning phase. Since november 2001 until now, the IVOH in Brazil already conquered the support of 18 partners.
Name of the Project
Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH)
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Brahma Kumaris - SIGMA - Visions of a Better World Foundation
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Brígida Fries

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São Paulo / SP - 05002-062

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Brígida Fries
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