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Project: Fostering a Culture for Peace in Mass Media Education
The mass media undergraduate program at the University of Uberaba, Brazil, has launched an ongoing campaign earlier this year aimed at fostering a proactive media peace education culture among teachers and students. The campaign fits into the three major philosophical principles that govern both the Journalism and the Publicity/Advertisement areas within the program: transdisciplinarity, creativity and human values. The main theoretical basis is Morphogenetic Fields Theory.Strategies comprise lectures for teachers and students, extensive coverage of media peace initiatives in our laboratory-media vehicles ( one weekly print newspaper, one weekly electronic newspaper, one weekly radio program, one weekly television program ), submission of students´ production to national awards context like those promoted by Intercom - the top Brazilian mass communication research and teaching association - and, for Advertisement/Publicity students, the mandatory production of a final exam paper in the format of a campaign based on social responsibility approaches. Results: Students have won Intercom awards; wining students´ video productions at our One Minute Video Festival have focused on peace.
Name of the Project
Fostering a Culture for Peace in Mass Media Education
Institution in charge of the project
Univeristy of Uberaba
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Edvaldo Pereira Lima

Rua Delfina, 145 apto. 51 -
São Paulo / SP - 05443-010

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Edvaldo Pereira Lima
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