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Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Education for Peace
The objective of the Education for Peace project is to help the school community – teachers, students, parents and staff - realize that a peaceful environment can be achieved, in the diverse spheres of society, through the individual transformation of each human being, of the way he behaves with others and the way he deals with the problems that the world currently faces.

The project is implemented through the discussion of key-themes, supported by a variety of activities such as group dynamics, handcraft, the use of audio- visual materials, talks, etc.

Since 1999, the project has been implemented in public schools in the city of Santo André, Sào Paulo, Brazil. In the year 2001, it was also offered to a group of pedagogic coordinators from 93 public schools from that municipality.

The 24-hour program is divided in 8 modules, as follows:
Module 1 - The Beginning of a Transformation
Module 2 - Elimination of Prejudice
Module 3 - Equality of Women and Men
Module 4 - Unity in Diversity
Module 5 - Pacific Resolution of Conflicts
Module 6 - Universal Education
Module 7 - Virtues
Module 8 - Thinking Globally and Acting Locally
Name of the Project
Education for Peace
Institution in charge of the project
Santo André Bahá’í Community
Contact Person
Maria de Lourdes Novato Hernandez

Rua Igapó, 213 - Bairro Santa Maria -
Santo André / SP -

5511-4994.3748 5511-9684.6476
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maria de Lourdes Novato Hernandez
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