Sao Paulo State Comitee for the Culture of Peace Decade( Comitê Paulista para a Década da Cultura de Paz)

The Comitê Paulista de Divulgação do Manifesto 2000 was created in December 1999 in order to divulge UNESCO’s Manifesto 2000. Having collected over half a million subscriptions, the Committee was renamed Comitê Paulista para a Década da Cultura de Paz, inspired and oriented by the 6 principles of the Manifesto 2000:

1. Respect life
2. Reject violence
3. Be generous
4. Listen in order to understand
5. Preserve the planet
6. Rediscover solidarity

In order to meet the demands of several groups, and to create a space for action and reflection for peace, thematic and management meetings have been held regularly at the Faculdade de Saúde Pública da USP since January 2000.

These meetings gave birth to open forums, which deepen the discussion about relevant themes, and propose issues related to social well being, welcoming ideas and experiences that lead to peace-oriented action.
Institution in charge of the project
Associação Palas Athena 
Contact Person
Lia Diskin 
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Rua Leôncio de Carvalho, 99 -
São Paulo / SP - 04003-010
(5511) 3266-6188 

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