Brazil School Project( Projeto Escola Brasil)

The main objective of the Instituto Escola Brasil,a non-profit entity created in September 1998 due to the initiative of a group of employees of BANCO REAL/ABN AMRO Bank,is to maintain the children the major period of time possible,within the school performing sport,artistic and cultural activities that stimulates the development or their self recpect and self trust.At this moment more then 80.000 children are benefited with this project.The work,which is presently carried-out by voluntary groups of employees,select and “adopt” a public school.A search is conducted in order to offer better conditions to motivate the children to value their school,to highly improve the interest in the learning process and to reduce the continuous school evasion.In order to create motivation,this work also includes the approaching to the children’s parents.At the same time that the school and the children are being developed,the Instutite gives support to the volunteers to develop their human relations.We do believe that the support to these activities contributes for a healthy and productive development of the children;that the schools are reintegrated within the community and that the path to the improvement of citzenship be opened.
Institution in charge of the project
Instituto Escola Brasil 
Contact Person
Osório Roberto dos Santos 
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Osório Roberto dos Santos 
R XV de Novembro, 137 - 11º andar -
São Paulo / SP - 01013-001

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