Cooperative Games in Education

Cooperation. Solidarity. Tolerance. Somewhere in our history these values were left behind and we have unlearnt to consider other people. But nobody lives alone in this planet and these values should be preserved if we want build a planetary society, able to respond to the challenges of this millenium.
With this vision we develop courses to educators, through which we help them to reflect about their pedagogical practice ,to humanize relationships, integrate Cooperation into their practice and form of students with abilities to be agents in the construction of a better world.
One of the methodological instruments of this work are Cooperative Games. In these games people play with one another rather than against one another. They play to overcome challenges together. Confrontation is eliminated and gives place to union.
By their very structure these games are an important strategy to the promotion of positive interactions and values. Playing cooperatively the gap between the speech and the practice is diminished. It's possible to realize that there are some other ways of having personal relations, to exercise a new way of living together and to develop the culture of Cooperation rather than the Competition one.
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Cooperando - Instituto para a Cooperação 
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Katia Maria Alves Barata 
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Katia Maria Alves Barata 
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