Environmental Education & Citizenship - Training leaderships agents

The Environmental Education Center of Guarapiranga (CEA-
Guarapiranga) takes part as one of the SMMA (São Paulo City
Environmental Department) unity, acting on the outskirts of
São Paulo south region.
The main scope of the CEA-Guarapiranga performance is to
create the basis for a net of leadership agents, spreading
knowledge and social actions towards their own communities as
a way to improve their welfare.
This method takes into consideration the Global Education,
which intends the individual as part of an interaction where
both, individual and environmental, are transformed.
“Environmental Education (EE) & Citizenship – Training
leaderships agents”: a course which is conducted towards
teachers, community leaders and NGOs, discussing the
historical context of EE and the concrete means of
intervention on the reality as well, achieved by the
elaboration of project proposals.
The whole activities were based on the action
(experimentation) followed by discussion (reflexive actions).
Theoretical concepts, increase of interaction skills,
construction of knowledge through the dialog, participation
and motivation are some of the topics included at the program.The idea of the proposals is the empowerment of the involved
groups in order to aware them about the importance of the
communities’ changes.
Institution in charge of the project
Centro de Educação Ambiental do Guarapiranga - SMMA 
Contact Person
Eneida Maekawa Lipai 
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Eneida M. Lipai 
Estrada do Guarapiranga, 575 -
São Paulo / SP - 04901-010

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