Rebuilding Peace Program(Programa Reconstruindo a Paz)

The state of Santa Catarina has been developing actions according to the Constructive Movement for a Peace-Oriented Culture. Our objective: to offer conditions and learning opportunities for children, adolescents and the overall community to exercise their citizenship and contribute to a more humane society. In 1999 a contest in public and private schools awarded works printed in the Year 2000 Peace Calendar; also, eight of the works were sent to the event One thousand milleniums of peace, congregating countries of the Mercosur. The government, sensible to the increase in violence, sanctioned decree 4180 ratifying the Reconstructing the Peace Program. In July 2002, the state instituted the Agenda for Violence Eradication and Drug-Use Prevention in the Schools of Santa Catarina, applied by public schools to tackle these problems; special praise should be given to the Hilda Teodoro Vieira Elementary, in Florianópolis, a school with striking social difficulties. The project Agent of the Peace involve students, educators, parents and a partnership with businesspeople and institutions in the community with the aim of educating citizens aware of their responsibilities with ethic, citizenship and safety-oriented practices
Institution in charge of the project
Secretaria de Estado da Educação e do Desporto 
Contact Person
Miriam Schlickmann 
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Marlene De Oliveira 
Rua Antônio Luz, 111 - centro - Florianópolis -
Florianópolis / SC - 88010-410

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