The School of the Nations

The School of the Nations is an international, bilingual pre-K to high school program based on the philosophical foundation of the Baha'i Faith. Its primary intention is to create an environment that prepares young people to transform themselves into an identity of World Citizenship while still completing the requirements to participate and compete in the educational demands of their own country.
The program is committed to the goal of students being competent in their own mother tongue, and, at the same time, being able to learn and function in the language that is considered to be most universal in the present, English. This allows them to feel as if they are at home in whatever country they travel.
The school also has a strong emphasis in teaching virtues and skills that create peace in the world, that protect and appreciate the natural environment, and that promote the unity and diversity of the entire human family. Every student adopts a new country every year to study. All students also participate in a community extension program designed to experience the real world reality around themby participating in service.
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The School of the Nations 
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Mr. John Kepner 
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Mr. John Kepner 
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