Salva Dor

Based on the Waldorf education from Rudolf Steiner we attend approximately 50 children and young people from São Lázaro who live in sever economical and social situation.
In 1996 Fabiana Naka started artistic activities with those children in her home.
Supported by her mother Laís Naka, Waldorf teacher in São Paulo and Ute Creamer, founder of Monte Azul the work began to grow. In 1999 was founded the Salva Dor Educacional Association. The activities were done in São Lázaro and Evangelist Church. We painted, recycled paper, knitted and sold, in our bazaar, handmade things and second hand closes. To introduce healthy food and enlarge the contact with the families we made a cooking work shop in their houses with the children.
We built our house on the land we received and it was ready in August 2002. Then we have started kindergarden, pré–school and two adolescents groups. We offer them food and school material. The voluntary teachers and co- workers receive a Waldorf Education training and a small salary. Our intention is to offer them more activities like capoeira, dancing, playing musical instruments, computerwork and courses for the adolescents and mothers. We need help in our Project .
Institution in charge of the project
Associação Educacional Salva Dor 
Contact Person
Profa. Lais Naka 
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Profa. Lais Naka 
Alto de São Lázaro, 69e Federação -
Salvador / Bahia - 40215-070
5571-245-5009 / 247-3886 

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