Water in the Third Millenium Festival

This project takes in consideration the need for assemblying people of all ages to celebrate water as a divine gift from Nature. Several raising-awareness events happen to both directly and indirectly help to protect endangered local ground and underground water.It brings together ecology and many expressions of the arts, such as poetry, painting, dance and music, as well as meditation. It has taken place for the fourth year in the touristic town of Caxambu, in Brazil, and since then has mobilized great number of people - local government, schools, churches, NGOs,local and visiting scholars and artists towards the protection of the water.Its agenda is on one hand deeply commited to love and care for the Earth, and all the events are organized on this perspective. On the other hand, it is very invitational,for it brings together the various segments of the the civil society to discuss relevant topics that move people to commit themselves to the cause. It has been sponsored by
Unesco and OAS. Besides Caxambu, the Festival will have a new chapter in Brasilia and Poços de Caldas this year.
Institution in charge of the project
Associação Novo Encanto de Desenvolvimento Ecológico 
Contact Person
Flavio Mesquita da Silva 
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Marisa Mendes Machado 
SQS 306 Bloco C Apto 406 -
Brasília / DF - 70353-030

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