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The foundation of Hospital Samaritano of São Paulo, in 1890, translated a foreigner's desire in creating an institution to assist people in a humanized way, independent of their nationality and religion.

Pioneer in the implantation of the first School of Nursing in São Paulo, Samaritano has always had education as one of the largest and most important development pillars. Ever since, collaborators are looking to perfect their knowledge. This practice will be amplified and strengthened the next year with the implantation of the Samaritano Corporate University that has as aligning knowledge to the strategies of the Institution.

Current educational efforts addressed to the community reflect our Mission: “Excellence in health care, with humanized attendance and social commitment”, among those being:

§ To educate the patient to manage better with disease.
§ To prepare families as care providers.
§ To perfect our collaborators continually for the best practice of providing care in a personalized and essential way.
§ To optimize our volunteers for the support and orientation for our patients.
§ To familiarize our community with preventive health actions (to feel well, to look well and to be well).

The Media in Peace award is an initiative of Press Magazine, supported by UNESCO, and has as the theme this year: “Childhood Violence.” Once again, it has been made possible for Hospital Samaritano to participate as sponsor.

Through philanthropic actions, assistance and education of the AMA Project, together with children and their families, we are understood to be contributing effectively to world peace.
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Hospital Samaritano - São Paulo  
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Dr. José Antônio de Lima 
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Dr. José Antônio de Lima 
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São Paulo / SP - 01232-010
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